Sunday, September 30, 2007

Today I finished porting of Rbnarcissus to Python.

I managed to finish the porting in a total of 7 days, spending approximately
2-3 hours per day. The test parse script has also been ported. With this
I managed to produce the JS parse tree for the following simple Javascript

function test()
var a = 10
var b = 20
var c = a + b

As a result of parsing, the following function dictionary was printed.

{test: []}

This library will be made available as part of HarvestMan and the EIAO projects.
This is perhaps going to be the first open source pure Python parser for Javascript.

I need to do a bit more of testing on more complex Javascript code before I make the code publicly available. This might take another week or so, depending upon how much time I get to spend on this in the coming days...

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tongtong said...

good job :)
I want to join u, and I am a chinese py programmer.
My gtalk is riverfor(at)