Monday, September 17, 2007

BangPypers move in to

The entire Python family of BangPypers moved enmasse to their new home at the website three days back, on Sep 14 2007.

Jeff Rush of Python Advocacy Blog was instrumental in creating the new mailing list hosted at, after I sent him a request regarding the same. Jeff was immensely kind and helpful during the whole process, which got completed by end of the day. Thanks a lot Jeff!

The move came after a slew of discussions which started with this thread in early August by Anand. C (strandpyper). Quickly a kind of agreement was reached among the participants of the thread about moving out to a better place from the existing Y! group, preferably at the website itself.

A lot of people participated in the discussion, giving valuable suggestions, which finally helped to reach an agreement and making the task of moving the members to the new list a painless process.

The new mailing list is public and open to anyone. This should hopefully expose the BangPypers members to the larger Python community in the international scene and give the group more visibility. It will be nice to see if any kind of larger group activities can be arranged as a part of such an exposure.

The group still lacks a coherent theme, which needs to be painted into so that it functions as a rather tight group with shared interests, than the current fragmented one. One way of doing this is to execute open source Python projects as a group, by forming small interest groups inside the larger group, which can then focus on a particular project. The monthly meetings also need to be revived, which can bring more thought into what can be done in the coming months.

If you are interested in Python and/or the BangPypers group, feel free to comment with your thoughts.

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