Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Best Essays on Software in 2004

I found a post on the best essays on software in 2004 at Max Ischenko's blog today and felt that I should make a mention of it in my blog.

The discussion started in the popular Joel on software, when Joel asked his readers to post
essays which they consider are the best on software related topics in 2004..

Go to: Best essays on software in 2004.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Logix Talk

I should be blogging more often, but some how I have to put a lot of mental effort to get my ideas into words most of the time, which makes me a pathetic blogger ;-)

Well, I had a nice trip to Norway last week where I met with some cool folks at Agder University College with a vision to create accessibility metrics in order to improve European web sites. I am involved in the project because they are using HarvestMan web crawler, as part of the crawler component in the project. I have to blog about it separately, since there is a lot to write. However, here are some quick links:

Hey, I am diverting... This post is about the upcoming talk on Logix, a multi-language programming system developed by Tom Locke. He says has "outsourced himself" to Bangalore for developing and popularising Logix here. The idea is to allow the Python developer to create his own languages and schema
by using a meta-language model.

I think it is ideally suited for tasks such as meta-modeling which is one important aspect of EIAO. Perhaps the EIAO folks will look into Logix for developing some of their metamodeling components. It could also be used for developing software modeling techniques similar to UML, specific to Python.

The talk is on May 7th at the regular venue for BangPypers meetings, i.e at ThoughtWorks, Diamond District. For more information see my post at BangPypers
regarding the talk here. For marking your calendars, go here.

BangPypers is turning out to be an important forum for presenting Python related
technologies and reaching out to the Python community here. The Logix talk is yet another achievement which shows the popularity of BangPypers.

If you are in Bangalore on May 7th and you like the idea of multi-language programming, it might be a good idea to drop in at ThoughtWorks by 5.00 pm to attend Tom's talk.