Monday, May 28, 2007

HarvestMan moves to

HarvestMan project has moved to a new address from today. It was earlier hosted gratis on freezope. However the freezope virtual hosts have not been working properly for more than a month, which has affected the availability of the HarvestMan project website. Google also reacted promptly, taking HarvestMan project off its top queries for "harvestman". Whereas it was the number one result say two months back, it is nowhere to be seen in the top 20 results now!

The new website has the same look and feel as the original one, since I simply copied the pages over. Hope this would help the website and the project to recapture some lost page views in the coming days.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Art of Innovation

I am currently reading the book by Tom Kelley with the same name. Tom Kelley is the general manager of IDEO a legendary design firm based in Palo Alto, California. IDEO is well-known as a product design firm which has created a number of innovative products and designs over the years since 1991. Some of the best examples are the original Apple mouse, the Palm V PDA, the first external module for the Handspring Visor (Eyemodule) etc. The company has won 48 IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Award) awards, much more than any other firm in history.

The book explains the various aspects of the work culture at IDEO, giving a very vivid picture to the reader of the different elements of the work culture that makes the company have an edge in innovation when compared to similar firms. The title "Art of Innovation" is a bit misleading since the book is all about IDEO and how it is able to achieve excellence and success in its design. It focuses on the practical aspects of weaving the "innovation factor" into the business processes in a company, and does a very good and thorough job of it. A must-read for any body who is working in industries which involve creative work.

I shall be posting a more complete review of the book after I finish reading it.