Friday, March 21, 2008

Py3k letters - Part 0

Python 3.0 (py3k) is on the way. The 3.0 version is going to be a significant update in the Python programming language, considering that it is almost 8 years since the release of the last major version, Python 2.0, which was released in Oct 2000.

Py3k is going to change the way the Python programmer goes about his work in many ways, with some significant "in-your-face" changes and many thousands of changes and fixes below the layers and quite some just in between.

I am starting a series of blog posts from today, which will focus on Python 3.0, specifically on the major changes in the language when compared to Python 2.x versions. The plan is to cover enough areas (hopefully), so that by the time py3k is released in August this year, there will be enough text here to serve as an aid to Python programmers in chartering py3k territory.

With that introduction, on to the "py3k letters" series, with the first edition coming in the next post. Keep tuned in.

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