Thursday, November 17, 2005

Internet Summit in Tunis

The World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), dubbed as the "Internet Showdown" by CNET, is being held under the aegis of the U.N in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia at present.

Dr.Mikael Snaprud of the EIAO project presented a paper in the conference(Past, Presence and Future of Research in the Information Society) associated to this summit on Nov 15. The paper talks about the role open source plays in ICT education and research, with the EIAO project as the background. The presentation associated with this paper is available at the EIAO Publications website.

The paper is authored by Mikael Snaprud, Agata Sawicka, Anand Pillai(myself), Nina Olsen, Morten.G.Olsen, Vidar Laupsa and Terje Gjøsæter.