Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Uraga is dead - Long live Uraga!

Uraga is dead. Swaroop has confirmed this in a post to BangPypers.
I long doubted this might be the case, since there was no mention of Uraga in Swaroop's blog for quite some time. The reason he cites is job pressure; as if guys who contribute to open source do not do justification to their daily job! It sounds ironic, to say the least.

I have a principle which I apply in any open source or professional work I undertake; that is, if I propose an idea, I will try at least to do a basic prototype implementation of the same. More so, if I am talking and letting the world know about it. It is a basic contract that one should have to the community with which one interacts, especially when one tries to market the community with the tag of his idea. In this case, the community is BangPypers and the idea is Uraga of course.

If you don't fulfill this basic social contract, then you are not fit to be an open source contributor, let alone an open source project initiator. I hope some of the new-age geeks who looks to open source for quick stardom realizes this.