Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hasta-la-Vista Windows!

Microsoft has re-christened its unborn poster child,
"Windows Longhorn" as "Windows Vista".

The marketing speak from Microsoft is that Windows Vista brings clarity to the connected world.

Personally, I think "Longhorn" was much better than "Vista" though it gave rise to subtle bovine references.

It will be no wonder if the naming turns out to be prescient and puts an end to Microsoft monopoly on the desktop, considering the rate at which features are getting axed from Longhorn aka Vista.
(Also read Steven J Vaughan Nichols' article on axing of Monad from Longhorn).

Is it time yet to say "Hasta-la-Vista Microsoft"? Let us wait and watch.


Sriram said... do know that Microsoft uses code names for all projects, don't you? XP was Whistler, for example. The name change was something that was known to everyone - well, everyone who cared to read up on what they were talking about before yakking away about it.

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